SCENAR techniques


 These techniques are used for pain relief in any kind of diseases and in sake of disease prevention. They should be used:

  • If it is particularly specified in recommendations for pain relief in case of particular disease;
  • If the complaint cannot be linked to a particular area of skin surface;
  • If it is impossible to determine the painful area’s boundaries or if that area is extremely big, for example, it covers the entire part of the body, like back, leg, abdomen, etc.;
  • If there are multiple complaints and the patient cannot tell which is the main one.

 All general treatment techniques can be performed both in subjectively dosed mode (SDM) and individually dosed mode (IDM).

The treatment should be carried out with the comfortable level of energy and standard frequencies (60-90 Hz). 

"Three parthways, six points" technique

"Collar area" technique

"Palms" Technique

"Abdominal squares" technique