SCENAR Pro Essential C (SCENAR-1-NT version 03C)

This is one of the newest developments of RITM OKB ZAO.
This includes all the functions of the SCENAR-1-NT version 03 device and is additionally equipped with the color LCD. Also, the device includes 2 pre-settings (presets). 
This is one of the most cost-effective models of the professional devices worldwide. 


Model: SCENAR Pro Essential C
(SCENAR-1-NT version 03C )

Power supply

4 x AAA batteries

Maximum current consumption

650 mA or less

Stimuli frequency

15, 60, 90 and 350 Hz


Coloured LCD Matrix

Amplitude modulation (AM) settings


Frequency modulation (FM) mode variation

30-120 Hz frequency range with 7 sec cycle

Dosed modes

Dose 1 mode: integral dose and null

Screening modes

Dose 4 mode (realised as a preset)

Damping modes


Intensity (number of impulses in a burst)


Energy level tuning

1 - 250

Combined modulation mode


Factory/savable user presets:

5 / 0


190x70x40 mm


0.4 kg

Here you can find the table of presets