New professional models


Each of the presented models of professional devices has a new screening mode (screening of large areas). Its peculiarity is that when treating a large area in constant mode green, blue, yellow and red colors appear sequentially on the screen, and the most active zone is indicated by yellow and red. In addition to the visual indication on the most active zone is indicated by an increasing clicking sound.
A new feature has been introduced that allows you to see the actual frequency of the device when the intensity is higher than one, which is very important for determining further treatment strategies.
In all the devices there is a function that automatically changes the number of pulses in a batch, the distance between the batches and the stimulation energy. This greatly increases the treatment efficiency .
The number of presets in the new professional devices varies from 5 to 32 depending on the model. If you purchased a model with at least 13 presets, you receive the right to upgrade your device in the future up to the highest level (RITMSCENAR Super Pro v.2). Thus, having mastered the device of the middle level, you can gradually upgrade it to the highest one (Parameters and functions of each model will be published separately). 

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