RITM OKB ZAO successfully participated in the Third International Industrial Expo that took place in Hanoi.

Before this event no one heard of SCENAR in Vietnam. The device which is able to replace the physiotherapeutic cabinet and home first aid kit, and compete with drug painkillers attracted boatloads of attention. SCENAR team was busy all days long, barely having time to take pictures of the groups of interested visitors.Our colleagues shared a lot of information about the SCENAR technology, the attendees listened carefully, asked numerous questions and some of them even tried to use the device on their own.

Посол и заместительen

Una Brosova, SCENAR therapist and RITM OKB distributor from Latvia told us about this unique case.

“It was an 80 years old woman. She was not able to bend her knees. When she tried to sit down you would clearly hear her joints creaking (!) (see video - https://youtu.be/Mui2BMFHwlU ). It sounded just like an old wooden floor when you step on it. When I measured the knee circumference it was 39.5 centimetres.

Уна Бросова

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