The video about SCENAR Sport D home device is now uploaded to our YouTube channel. Watch it to learn about this new model of SCENAR device.

Jakov Grinberg tells about when and how SCENAR was created. The speech was made during SCENAR conference in Aheloy (Bulgaria) in September 2017.

Probably, the most well-known technique in SCENAR therapy is called “3 pathways, 6 points” (3P6P).It consists of two parts: first, you work on three pathways along the spine, and then six points, located on the face. Many SCENAR therapists work separately on the spinal pathways and the facial points in their practice; that is why we are showing how to perform a 3 pathways technique here first. You can learn how to work on six points from the next part of this video.

Question to Mr. Prince. In your speech you mentioned a particular neck point, located in nervus vagus entry zone. You said, it is good to stimulate that point in case of articulation diseases. Can you tell us about the clinical experience of such treatment and what kind of outcome you got? Pain relief? Mobility improvement?

Can animals be treated with SCENAR device? This question occurred at one of the conferences. The answer is of interest to the specialists.

The possibility of applying SCENAR therapy when treating patients with cardiostimulators, artificial joints and botox is presented in this video. Alexander Tarakanov, MD, professor, Irina Ershova, head doctor of SCENAR medical centre in Moscow and Vladimir Lopatko, SCENAR therapist with 20 years of experience give recommendations.

Having a mental illness is one of the contraindications for SCENAR. Do you recommend to treat a patient who has a bipolar disorder? When the patients who have manic-depressive disorders and other mental illnesses are in mental health clinics under psychiatric observation and when they have physical impairments that cannot be treated by other methods then you can treat such patients. Though if psychiatrists will make researches in that field in the future that might give interesting results. But will that ever happen?