“Rista-EPD” was highly estimated in Tbilisi


SCENAR technologies are becoming more and more popular in Georgia.

Representatives of SCENAR clinics in Tbilisi say that diagnostic complex “Rista-EPD” deserved doctors’ and patients’ commendation. The first people who experienced that were children and adults with inheritable cerebral palsy undergoing rehabilitation at the medical centre. It is one of the most popular directions. Specialists deal with a lot of patients.

Zones acupuncture according to “Rista-EPD” receipt allows to get a swift and more long-lasting effect in comparison to full body massage technique. Emotional and psychological status of patients improves also swifter.

SCENAR therapy applied together with massage, OLM and other methods effectively decreases neurologic impairment, improves motion activity, motion coordination and quality of life of ICP patients.

Training workshop conducted in Tbilisi by RITM OKB ZAO specialist Alexander Cherchago allowed to effectively include diagnostic complex “Rista” in the direct care of rehabilitation centre.

SCENAR clinic in Tbilisi specializes on rehabilitation and therapy of neurological diseases (you can see its webpage by this link https://www.facebook.com/scenarclinic).


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