The 1st US International Conference on SCENAR Therapy, Las Vegas, September 25-28, 2014 

  1. Agenda and details of the Conference
  2. Alena Plieninger SCENAR, Operational Technique A Magic Glove
  3. Alex Eingorn, DC, FABDA SCENAR in Chiropractic Practice
  4. Constantin Nikitin, MD SCENAR Therapy of Pain Syndrome in Patients Suffering from Osteochondrosis of IV Degree and Discal Hernias
  5. Irina Ershova, MD SCENAR Therapy as a New Health Technology
  6. Irina Kossovskaia, MD, PhD, DNM Cinderella beauty protocol with SCENAR devices
  7. Iveta Iontcheva-Barehmi, DMD, MS SCENAR Therapy in Dental Practice
  8. Jorg Prinz, SCENAR for acute and chronic pain
  9. Manuk Khachatryan, MD, C.Ht. SCENAR Therapy Using External Probes - Extension of Efficiency
  10. Michael Unakafov, PhD SCENAR the Secrets of Effectiveness (Engineering Consideration)
  11. RITM OKB ZAO Patents
  12. RITMSCENAR SCENAR-1-NT The first steps
  13. Sally Diamond, LMT Sales Seminar
  14. Schmuel Tatz, MD Short Bio Using a SCENAR Device in a Contemporary Physical Therapy Practice
  15. Tatiana Kidun, MD_SCENAR Therapy Techniques for Frequently Ill Children
  16. Yury Starovoytov, MD_SCENAR Super Pro and other new models
  17. Yury Perfiliev, MD, PhD_SCENAR Therapy of Myopia in School-Age Children

The European Conference on SCENAR therapy in Vienna, June 18-21, 2015 

  1. Alena Plieninger SCENAR, Operational Technique A Magic Glove
  2. Alena Plieninger_The Myofascial-Therapy with SCENAR
  3. Alexander Tarakanov Emergency medical assistance with help of SCENAR device. Pain management and body functional recovery techniques
  4. Alexander Tarakanov New possibilities of transcutaneous neuroadaptive electronic regulation in clinical praxis. A Development perspective
  5. Alexander Tarakanov. SCENAR therapy efficiency in rehabilitation treatment approaches and techniques
  6. Constantin Nikitin. Complex Treatment Approach To Patients Suffering From Osteochondrosis Of The Iv Degree And Inervertebral Disc Herniation
  7. Constantin Nikitin. Pain Syndrome Management with Help of SCENAR Therapy
  8. Iosif Semikatov. The Underlying Factors of SCENAR Therapy_Effectiveness in View of SCENAR technology
  9. Irina Ershova. SCENAR therapy in patients with dystrophic spine disorder. Efficacy endpoints
  10. Irina Kossovskaya. SCENAR for Aging Face
  11. Irina Kossovskaya. SCENAR for Chronic Stress & Depression
  12. Jakov Grinberg. SCENAR history of development
  13. Michael Unakafov. SCENAR the Secrets of Effectiveness (Engineering Consideration)
  14. Natalia Lojko. Application of the SCENAR therapy for the rehabilitation of patients with osteoporosis
  15. Natalia Lojko. SCENAR Therapy in Post-Surgery Rehabilitation
  16. Tatiana Kidun. SCENAR-Therapy Techniques for Infirm Children
  17. Yury Perfilie. Complex approach to treatment of myopia
  18. Yury Perfilie. SCENAR therapy efficiency in combined treatment of socially significant
  19. Yury Perfiliev. SCENAR therapy in common pediatric diseases

Gesamteuropäische SCENAR Therapie Konferenz in Wien, 18.-21. Juni 2015 

  1. Alena Plieninger. Die myofasziale Therapie mit SCENAR
  2. Alena Plieninger_Eine spezielle SCENAR Methode - Magische Handschuhe
  3. Iosif Semikatov. Die Hauptfaktoren der Wirksamkeit der SCENAR Therapie als SCENAR-Technologie
  4. Irina Kossovskaia. Anwendung von SCENAR bei chronischem Stress und Depressionen
  5. Irina Kossovskaia. SCENAR Therapie gegen die Alterung des Gesichtes
  6. Jakov Grinberg. Die Entwicklungsgeschichte von SCENAR
  7. Konstantin Nikitin. Komplextherapie bei Patienten mit Osteochondrose des 4. Grades und bei Bandscheibenhernien
  8. Michail Unakafov. SCENAR. Geheimnisse der Wirksamkeit Die technischen Aspekte
  9. Natalia Lojko. SCENAR Therapie und Rehabilitation von Patienten mit Osteoporose
  10. Schmerz-Management mit SCENAR Therapie
  11. Tatiana Kidun. Algorythmen der SCENAR-Therapie bei wiederholt kranken Kindern
  12. Yury Perfiliev_Komplexe Ansatz zur Behandlung von Myopie

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